Spice Island — Improving on-shelf communication

How We took on Spice Island’s biggest redesign, covering the new product range.

Our mission was clear: to enhance natural, feminine, Sri Lankan, and luxury iconic status.


The challenge

Spice Island — The Art of ancient healing

Spice Island authentic Sri Lankan personal care brand. Inspired by the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques — the secret art of holistic wellness known as Hela Weda — Spice Island is a holistic approach to personal skin and hair care. Using Exotic Island ingredients, this native, exotic spiritual art of holistic healing restores balance to mind and body.

SPICE ISLAND is a global luxe brand developed in 2008, with the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques and with the desire to approach modern-day personal care in a more holistic manner.

The idea of holistic personal care reaches far beyond beauty. Spice Island takes care of your mind and spirits, making sure that you are content with your body by healing and nourishing your being. With this philosophy, you will gradually enhance that special connection that only you have with your body, appreciate everything it does for you and develops a constant sense of appreciation. The mystical secrets of Spice Island bring you the key to the isle’s most treasured rituals and practices that bring you the luxurious feeling of a happy and connected mind, body, and spirit.

Spice Island products use exotic ingredients, which are 100% natural spices, herbs, botanicals and super-fruits from Sri Lanka creating the perfect exotic synergy. Introducing you to the mystics of holistic beauty with their exclusive, exotic range of nourishing and revitalizing

personal care products to indulge your hair, body, and face. We took Spice Island’s biggest redesign of their new product range to highlight authentic, Sri Lankan, Ayurveda, and natural feeling.


Improving on-shelf communication with shoppers

We started by simplifying the packaging, building on the inherent strength of the most powerful brand elements. We looked at Spice Island logo that represents rich cultural and medicinal heritage of Sri Lanka. Further, it emphasizes the age-old secrets passed down from one generation to another, and the future holding great promise. The lower petals resemble the process of unfolding an age-old traditional secret with a modern and contemporary outlook. It illustrates the beauty and bliss that gained by practicing natural way of life or it is crystallization of an age-old tradition with a contemporary touch.

With that we looked at Sri Lankan cultural elements which could we adapt to reflect the essence of Spice Island.

‘Nāri-latā’ — The Symbol of Feminine


‘Nāri-latā’ — The Symbol of Feminine

‘Nāri-latā’ with the meaning of ‘the woman’ is renowned mythical ornamental flower design motif in traditional Ceylon art culture, resembles a woman of exquisite beauty and grace is said to have the power to distract even hermits.

At Spice Island, we perfect the art of ancient healing for holistic well being to the enduring beauty of a modern woman.

Spice Island's portfolio is now visually clean, unique, and rich. Taken together, these changes positioned Spice Island’s as a unique luxurious product, and the design improved communication with the discerning lady, that is well-traveled, educated, spiritual, and an eco-warrior. She seeks to build a perfect balance in her life through rewarding physical activity, and an enlightened sense of mental awareness. She is one with nature and is driven by an active social conscience.