Designing the E-commerce Website of Spice Island


Our opportunity was to design a brand new e-commerce website for Spice Island personal care brand based in Sri Lanka.

Even though their business strategy is customers buying products face-to-face, they now wanted to enable the customer to purchase Spice Island products online while educating them about ingredients, products, process, brand values, essences, and Sri Lankan hela weda Ayurveda healing techniques.

Final Look & Feel of Spice Island e-commerce platform

The website expected to embody their plan of action; client administration, sensible valuing and keeping it in domestic marker & global and empower clients to finish the three fundamental errands: look, learn and orders using an online platform while eliminating of challenges with the original website.


Challenges with the original website


01. Poor customer experience in accessibility (e.g. Slow, sluggish experience when navigating)
02. Difficulty to find information for the customers Difficulty to project the brand identify with the current design.
03. No integration with Social Media Platforms
04. Faulty customer review and feedback mechanism
05. Intermittent failures to notify placed order details to the delivery team


This situation made a decision to revamp the site for a total new look and feel and better function.


Why a complete revamp?

01. Mobile First’ Architecture with smooth UX
02. Easy navigation and proper information architecture.
03. Smooth and Flawless Functionality
04. Easy social media integration
05. Provide business and operational insights to key Stakeholders
06. Flexible and Hassle-free admin console for admins/marketing teams


Understanding “Spice Island”

Spice Island — “The undiscovered world of ancient healing”

For that we took the initiative by looking at the brand key and the unique selling propositions of Spice Island.

Spice Island — “Mind, Body & Spirit in harmony”

Inspired by the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques — the secret art of holistic wellness known as ‘Hela Weda’ — SPICE ISLAND is a holistic approach to personal skin and hair care. Using Exotic Island ingredients, this native, exotic spiritual art of holistic healing restores balance to mind and body. SPICE ISLAND is a global luxe brand developed in 2008, with the passion to introduce Sri Lanka’s ancestral healing techniques and with the desire to approach modern day personal care in a more holistic manner. The idea of holistic personal care reaches far beyond beauty. SPICE ISLAND takes care of your mind and spirits, making sure that you are content with your body by healing and nourishing your being. With this philosophy, you will gradually enhance that special connection that only you have with your body, appreciate everything it does for you and develop the constant sense of appreciation.


**Uniquely Sri Lankan
Originating from Sri Lanka, the home of Hela Weda (Ayurveda) with traditions stemming from the teachings of the original healing remedies of long ago. Our products are natural using only the minimum required chemicals and stabilizers to preserve the product. Spice Island unveils the ‘the undiscovered world of ancient healing’ or “the art of ancient healing”.

Healing techniques of an age gone by — Spice Island


***Agile & Relevant to modern Consumer Needs
Using the ancient recipes and healing techniques of an age gone by, using modern technology and understanding of unique consumer beauty care needs — our products are relevant and aligned with the modern consumer lifestyle.

Paraben-free, soap-free, mineral oil-free & never tested on animals — Spice Island


***Socially Responsible & Environment friendly
The entire business process of Spice Island from sourcing of ingredients to the packaging of the final product — are conducted in a sustainable, environment friendly manner and benefits everyone involved from the producer, supplier, manufacturer and eventually user. Spice Island products are Paraben free, Soap free, Mineral Oil free and is Never tested on animals.


Competitor Research

We began the process by identifying the main competitors in the personal care brands sold internationally. But each competitor target slightly different customer demographics based on their lifestyle and affordability. These made them different with their design and price point.

Product recommendations, reviews, and offers on the homepage were common features on all the competitor sites. In addition they all included the product range, product information etc.


User Research

Spice Island Target Audience — “The Spice Island customer is a discerning client, that is well-traveled, educated, spiritual and an Eco-warrior”

We looked at Spice Island user and the life style of her. The Spice Island customer is a discerning client, that is well-traveled, educated, spiritual and an Eco-warrior. She seeks to build a perfect balance in her life through rewarding physical activity, and an enlightened sense of mental awareness. She is one with nature and is driven by an active social conscience.


‘I need to see the product inside’


This sparked some initial ideas for potential features for the site, such as including high quality pictures that reflect brand essence and videos of products.


Key highlights of the proposed solution:


01. Adheres to latest industry best practices and standards

02. Usage of market leading technologies for all aspects of the solution

03. Built in capability to extract insights and consumer behavior

04. Mobile Centric User Interface which expands smoothly to other devices

05. Guaranteed 99.99% Availability and seamless scalability to accommodate traffic fluctuations.


Information Architecture

After understanding the user, the brand etc. the next stage was designing the navigation system. We were given an inventory for their best products as a guide and the regular volumes which customers used to purchase. It was essential to is organize the information much clear way.

To decide on the smooth function of the site, we conducted a number of card sorting exercises.

Team BURGUNDY sorting cards


Open Card Sort:
Here we composed the items into clusters that sounded good to consumers, at that point name each cluster with titles they felt precisely depicted the substance. This gave us an early sign of potential approaches to amass things and name the clusters. Eg: We tried classifying the products in to elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water), then as personal care items (Face wash, shower gel, Face Cream, Night Cream etc.)

This gave us an early indication of potential ways to group items and label the groups.

Team BURGUNDY sorting closed cards


Closed Card Sort:
From those outcomes, we led a close card sort. Choosing the most well-known cluster names and displaying them to clients to choose where they felt the individual items would fit under these marks. This cleared up whether those mark classifications would work for most of clients pushing ahead with the plans.

Finally we concluded with Bath & body, Hair Care, Handmade soap, Packs, Skin Care as the clusters for shop.


Prototype Sketch

Paper Prototype by Team BURGUNDY

With that we did a sketch of the basic screen layouts on a piece of paper looking at the main user flows.

After that, e-commerce site was developed based on the user testing results from domestic market and as well as internally.


Creating the Visual Identity

We gave the best look & feel to show the freshness and the quality of the ingredients and to illustrate the Sri Lankan ancient history of Hela Weda Ayurveda through visual identity. Typography was selected very carefully to emphasize the ancient and feminine quality of the product. Earth colors were used to symbolize the heritage, Asian, herbal and Ceylon look & Feel.

Then, as the next step we made it enable for people to order from different cities in domestic market and also internationally. Finally, all the mechanisms were integrated for the successful smooth function of Spice Island e-commerce site.

We achieved the main project roadmaps as decided at the beginning of the project. Those were, to ensure fully compliant with European Unions — General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR), upgrading the platform with a Digital marketing framework to capture leads.


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