Face Recognition Technology

Ayonix: Humans Unpredictable — Incomparable

Ayonix International is the leading global facial recognition Technology provider, established in Japan in 2007. The patented product was developed by the Ayonix R & D team, and the unique feature of the product enables to search 6 million faces in 100 mili seconds.

These advanced features make it an ideal choice for law enforcement and other security applications, as well as being a popular choice for a range of industries from customer services to entertainment and banking. This could also be used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts and campaigns.

Leading Companies such as Nippon Broadcasting, Sanyo, Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic are fully integrated with Ayonix. With the immense potential for the product, Ayonix joined hands with Arinma as a strategic partner and stakeholder to drive its expansion into markets such as the Middle East, Europe, Australia, USA to name a few.


Idea — Humans, unpredictable and incomparable

Burgundy could create communication campaign for Ayonix International with the concept “Humans, Unpredictable — incomparable — To make a safer and better world”

Humans are rational animals, capable of making rational decisions in their best interest. This makes them “unpredictable and incomparable”. In 2002, a group of scientists from Osaka University Japan commenced a revolutionary research based on detecting faces. This was the foundation for what we know today as Ayonix Corporation, which lead to a series of groundbreaking developments in the face recognition technology.


Today face recognition has transformed lives by offering a diverse number of benefits, across a variety of industries, through the use of human analytics. Ayonix helps businesses to grow, improve profitability, streamline for efficiency, and maintain greater security.

As a global pioneer in face recognition technology, Ayonix is the choice for some of the world’s leading corporations, such as Axis, Nippon broadcasting, Sanyo, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, and many more.

The ability to use Ayonix’s mobile solutions via their smartphones has added a tremendous advantage to many law enforcement agencies around the world by quick detection and apprehension of wanted criminals.

As one of the pioneers of face recognition technology, Ayonix continues to innovate and develop the technology for a better world. Our state of the art solutions enable businesses to be more informed when interacting with their customers and help communities to improve their living standards and ensured individuals and families to lead happier, healthier and more secure lives.