Legendary Authenticity

Brand Identity of “Emerald Ceylon Tea”

Emerald Tea is a Ceylon tea exporter who is currently catering to the United Kingdom. The issue was, existing identity look and feel was not supportive for them to reach their target audience as they wanted in globally.

With Emerald Tea, quality is not to be questioned. In our products, you will only find Single Origin teas that showcase the uniqueness of each of our tea regions. That is why you will find a range of flavors in our collection from teas produced from various regions.

Our unique collection is a careful selection of our master taster who settles for nothing but the best. Thousands of lots of tea from many estates reach us every week, and only the most exotic qualify through his taste buds. We are highly excited to develop innovative blends for your amusement. Our factories in Sri Lanka are highly equipped and well manned to preserve the freshness of the harvest. The texture, the smell, and the taste of our fresh tea is the perfect combination and the best companion for romantic days, rough days, peaceful days and many more.



Challenge for Burgundy was to come up with a creative corporate identity which had a royal look at a glance but at the same time, it should be pure Sri Lankan. The packaging had to be creative and the touch of Sri Lankaness.



The task was challenging. But the inspirations got from the Sri Lankan traditional motives, tea leaves, flowers, tea pluckers and the ancientness of the story of Ceylon Tea were supportive to come up with a creative concept for Emerald Tea.

Inspiration for Brand Identity design — Emerald Ceylon Tea —



This logo is a symbol of royalty and Ceylon tea. Using the traditional art form of the lion, entwined with the tea leaves and flower along with the gold crown studded with an emerald jewel gives the look and feel of Sri Lankan royalty.

The art style and form keep the traditional feeling to further reinstate the tag line “Legendary Authenticity”. The center emblem shows the process of creating tea.