Giving Life to Condo Living!!!

Burgundy’s tips to design high impact magazine...

From designing striking covers to putting together creative content pages that pack a punch, Burgundy takes trendy approaches for the publication design industry in Sri Lanka.


1. Fearless with the cover design

We take fearless actions on designing the cover. Because we believe there’s no point spending time perfecting the inside pages of the magazine if casual browsers don’t pick up the issue to take a look.


An attention-grabbing cover is vital for selling the magazine to readers and inviting them to delve deeper into the publication.


We made fearless actions by using a contrasting luminous spot color for the masthead. And blended with the cover image, the sub-headings and the graphic call-outs in a subtler way to not to distract the cover so much. Maintaining the elegance and luxurious look and feel is the main objective to achieve.


Here we have used spot green against the greenish/grey toned cover image by the Clove Republic. We used the special spot color to allow the cover: especially the magazine name

“Condo Living” to “interact” with the reader. It gives the impression that the masthead is jumping out at the reader.

We tried the ABC Rule in a differently. A- Heading (The magazine title), C- sub-headings (We use a larger selection of smaller sub-headings with effective and glamorous use of typography techniques.) Almost every cover design used this rule to maintain the balance of the layout.

We took slabs and glamorous and uncommon typefaces set in uppercase or title characters, in shades of brilliant white, as in this October-November Condoliving magazine cover design, to make text pop against a full-color photo. The key with this look is to pick one strong color and use it sparingly.


2. Spending Time Perfecting The Contents Page

Once the reader opens up the magazine, the contents page will be their first port of call. The contents page should be functional and allow the reader to find sections and articles easily, but it’s also the perfect place to exercise a bit of stylistic creativity with good breathing space to navigate the eye.

All great contents spread will be structured on some sort of grid layout, but it certainly doesn’t need to be restrictive or dull. Take a look at the irregular photo-grid used on this Condo Living August September issue.

When designing Condo Living, we focus on dynamisms on making the contents page as well as structured and well-styled as possible. As it’s the reference spread for the rest of the publication, that wants to make a good impression!

Condo Living Magazine — Content Page — Design by Burgundy

The contents page for magazines is very different from contents pages for books or reports. Condo Living’s content page is used enticing images and exciting simple typography to get the reader in the mood for delving into the rest of the Condo Living’s content.


3. Illustrated Graphics Make CONDO Unique

Illustrations give life — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

Vectors are a great way to express more abstract or fantastical concepts, and as a result, are the perfect choice for magazines that don’t fall into the usual fashion or lifestyle niches. Take a look at a few pages of Condo Living March-April Issue — the abstract graphic catches the eye, and it will be sure to stand out in a sea of photographs.

Use of Infographics — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy


4. Beautiful use of Infographics

We do infographics for Condo Living to give it a more exciting, tech-forward way.

Many magazines are moving away from traditional text-heavy article layouts and taking inspiration from websites and eBooks to create print layouts that appear more interactive and engaging.

Take a look at this cool infographic spread from a Condo Living Magazine.


5. Go Minimal

Condo Living being a luxury lifestyle magazine, the challenge lies in making the design look as on-trend and aspirational as possible. A minimal design is a great blank canvas for Condo Living.

Go Minimal — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

We make photos the focus of the layout, allowing them to take up at least two-thirds of each page, and team them with a bare white background and rich black typography, as in this Condo Living pages.

Go Minimal — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

We avoid fuss at all costs, to avoid the designs looking cheap, and shy away from making any typography too ‘shouty’.

We have experimented with placing images in slightly off-centered positions, to give the layouts a subtly arty look.

Go Minimal — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

We look for photos that share a particular color theme or style, and team them together on the page, as in the layout example below.


6. Cool selection of typography

Typography plays a huge part in positioning Condo Living magazine in the market and giving it a particular identity and mood.

To make your magazine look cooler and more luxurious and trendy, you can take a clean, hip sans serif for a whirl.

Cool Selection of Typography — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy


7. Think in Spreads, not Pages

Think in Spreads, not pages — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

It’s sometimes easy to forget while you are designing that the magazine will be printed and bound into a series of two-page spreads. We understand that the reader will not absorb the magazine in individual pages, but as whole spreads.

Think in Spreads, not pages — Condo Living Magazine — Designed by Burgundy

We make the experience of reading CondoLiving magazine more immersive by keeping this mantra in mind while you design: “Think in spreads, not pages.”

Stay tuned for coming ups!!!