Branding is not your Logo or your Name Board!!!

The power of branding is when a person buys your product as a habit. It is when your product usability connects to the habits of the user.

It’s a brand new chapter for Sri Lanka. The mood is good; time is perfect. Apart from the political situation in the country, there’s the sound of victorious innovations everywhere, celebrations of new venture creations, and fearless upcoming entrepreneurs.

At Burgundy, we thought this would be the ideal time to bring up some important points in a slightly broader way, that will be beneficial for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to-be or SME’s can pay their attention.
So, rather making it more generalize, we thought of keeping this article little educational and come to your own conclusions. These are simple things but indeed these will be very much helpful in the long run.

The world has become flat by elevating the competition so high. If you don’t do anything about it now, that’s the biggest mistake you are going to make in life. In this scenario, every Sri Lankan entrepreneur should start adapting innovative and creative processes to make their products and services stand out in the red ocean by building brands.


The succession of a service or a product is based on the market that it targets. Again, the viability of the product/service depends on the differentiation it creates from the competitors. The brand is one of the most fundamental marketing instruments to set this so-called ‘uniqueness’.


But, the usual questions we get to answer are,

Does it mean the name boards?

Oh! I have a logo.. it’s blue- my favorite color.

Does it mean cut-outs?



A brand is the perception that consumers have over your business.

How are those perceptions created? It is through the picture you have painted about your business, values, ethics, promises, services, and products you provide.

So, it’s pretty obvious brand building needs, much attention, and seriousness, as you have to articulate the essence of the business to all the channels that will reach your target audience. Branding goes beyond your logo or the cutout. Therefore everyone should pay attention to branding that increases the value of the business, it provides employees with direction and become memorable for stakeholders.

It needs research, data, information, brainstorms, insights, and ideas, to illustrate your business. It’s the voice and the experience that creates treasured moments for your customer. It’s the tool you can use to convey the right message to the right person at right time.

The power of branding is when a person buys your product as a habit. It is when your product usability connects to the habits of the user.

In the present day, even though many products and services are coming up, a major portion of them tends to fail due to a lack of proper knowledge in branding. Therefore, for a small enterprise to become a medium, a medium to become a large and a large to be larger, the proper knowledge of branding is essential.

There are no shortcuts to shape your brand. It has to be shaped up by the vision, positioning, promise, personality, story, and ideal customer.


Start thinking and building your brand!